After Sales

Our After Sales Service is a continuation of your customer experience, which we hope will span over decades, and includes the following:

Buying & Selling Expert Advice

Our goal is not to sell just for the sake of selling but to provide you with expert advice in your vehicle investment decisions. We therefore provide you, as part of our after sales service, with first class buying-and-selling (professional) advice so as to ensure that your investment is either maximized or a suitable return is achieved when selling. Our strategy is to build long term customer relationships so the better the deal you get the more likely you are to return to us as your trusted automobile partners.

Service & Maintenance Expert Advice

All vehicles in our stock come with a fully verified mileage and vehicle history. Similarly, we conduct a comprehensive and general service on all cars that we purchase for onward sales to our esteemed clients. Our philosophy being that it's your car but our reputation! In addition, we will, even after the sale, continue (and only if you so wish) to advise on where to best service your automobile so as to protect your investment and its residual value.

Repair & Spraying Expert Advice

An important aspect of protecting the value of your investment is the quality of any spraying or panel beating that your car may from time to time require. Poor workmanship does negatively affect the resale value of your car. We therefore offer our expert advice so as to protect your investment and enjoyment of it, by offering advice on where best to take your automobile depending on the nature of the repair works needed. We do this as part of our after sale service since your car investment is also important to us. Remember, it's your car but our reputation.

Custom Cleaning & Valet Service

We offer first class cleaning and valet services by appointment and for a fee, in which quality is guaranteed.

Trading-in or Trading-up Strategies to maximize your investment

We only sell cars that have undergone a rigorous inspection and reconditioning exercise which is backed by a one year warranty for all premier cars. Also all our pre-owned stock is certified and backed by our brand.