"As Gauci Automobiles' business advisors we frequently test / monitor their service system and audit their customer service. It has always proved to be first class."

Kevin James Fenech



 "Very good quality cars, first class service and most importantly amazing after sales service..."

Kevin Camilleri





"Excellent buying experience!"
Ivan Mifsud




"Gauci Automobiles has established a brilliant reputation in the local motor scene and this is the result of Mark's and Paul's hard work, dedication and initiative. Both directors are always ready to assist you and give you their genuine advice; they are not there to sell at all costs but to make sure that what they sell acutally suits your needs and demands. Their showroom is always stocked with the latest models and so one can never go wrong. I look forward to the opening of your new showroom and wish you the best of luck!!"
Ian Spiteri


"Being an impulsive car enthusiast, it was very important for me to find a dynamic local dealership with the ability to exchange cars at reasonable losses and gains and above all with the ability to make available any model from any manufacturer. The first principal in sales is, "People buy People First", at Gauci Automobiles the people are frank, honest, hard working and professional, hence you simply cannot not buy from them."
Ivan Bartolo